WhysGuys is fundamentally focused on the ‘Whys’ that drives us at all levels, whether this be at a personal, professional, organisational, community or social level.

WhysGuys, founded by Jon Saunders, was in response to seeing a lack in wisdom and consciousness in many of the levels at which we operate. Jon’s experience and studies combine interests in philosophy, psychology, sustainability, leadership and systems which he embeds in his coaching and consulting work.

Jon has over 20 years in business consulting, innovation and solution design, which he has successfully delivered for many organisations in a number of countries. He has travelled extensively and has drawn much insight and wisdom from exposure to many different cultures and experiences. 

Alongside his consulting and deep analysis work, Jon is passionate about coaching and mentoring professionals who are keen to make a difference and to develop personally and professionally.

In addition, Jon holds a number of degrees and affiliations. He holds a BSc Hons Information Systems, MA Sustainable Leadership Development and a PGc in Existential Coaching.